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Roulette is recognized worldwide as a symbol of gambling, regardless of the fact that it has never gained substantial popularity in North America. The reason for this lies in the fact that the American public was presented with a slightly different game than the Europeans, including an extra zero on the wheel. This additional zero raised the edge of the house so much that interest in the game never took off. In Europe and other parts of the world, classic single zero roulette has remained one of the most popular games available.

With the advent of Internet gambling, roulette was initially introduced as the North American double-zero game. Proprietors soon realized though that with competition online, locality was no longer an issue, and players could simply search until they found a single-zero roulette wheel. Fortunately this search is now a short one, with many reputable online casino sites such as the Golden Palace Online Casino offering a high quality single-zero roulette game for both free and real money play.

It's very odd that Roulette isn't as popular in US casinos as it is in other casinos all over the globe. I think this is particularly surprising since the game offers more combinations of bets than any other game.

You can bet on any and all combinations of the Inside Numbers of 1 through 36 and the zero and/or double zero, depending of what type of table the casino offers. There are also shots to be taken on the Dozens, Columns, and of course the even chance plays of Black/Red, Odd/Even and High/Low.

Still, people rush past the Roulette tables and park themselves at a Blackjack table, because somebody decided that's the best game to play. Lies, all lies! Blackjack is the roughest game in the house because the rules are tilted squarely in favor of the casino. But patrons just ignore all the warnings and go right ahead and play that game.

Recommended Online Roulette Sites

Moneygaming.com has some fantastic roulette games types with their most popular version of Roulette is the classic Roulette Royale known as the smoothest version available online offering amazing graphics and realistic sound. This game is also a firm favourite with high-rollers as you can win up to an incredible 36,000 in one spin!

Getminted casino is Licensed in Alderney, and is therefore fully compliant with the UK gambling regulation. A very secure and safe online roulette site to play roulette online.

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